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Sept 27, 2017

Southville Town Gazette - cont'd.

We go to the childhood home address of Tim.  We saw a child hiding under the bed, and someone burying a gun.  This happened within a year ago or so.  We head a little ways out of Southville, it is a more rural area, like Londonderry.  About 3am.  The address given is barely standing.  There was a fire.  It is safe to walk around the building.  We don't know when it burned, but not too long ago, yellow caution tape around it, but is safe to walk in.  Still has a roof and walls. We all head inside the building.  In living room, the furnishing were thrown around, TV embedded in the wall, not a lot of fire damage but smoke damage.  Lee finds a lockbox.   tje grass is all pretty damaged in the back yard.  Found a spot that seems to be dug up under the swingset.  The swing is creaking.  wayne explores the basement.  There may be a secret room in the basement, it feels weird.  He finds one wall does not math the others, and the footprint is not the same as the house itself.  I drop my meat in a secure corner of the living room.  I use forebode in the girls room.  I see the room no longer burnt out, then see a large bloodstain on the floor.  I hear muffled yelling form the next room over, it stops, and then there is a thud.  Lee looks for the key to the lock box, He starts to think like a teenage boy, finds the key on top of the lintel.  Finds some cards, baseball cards, a birthday card from Jenny, a switchblade with his father's name engraved, and picture of a field of tall grass, distant trees.  On the back it says "I found Mom".    Jeff finds a GI joe, looks like it was in rough condition.  Digging down, they find a jewelry box with a small wedding band.  They head down into the basement, checks out the strange wall.    Jeff inhabits the wall and feels it, finds a door, but does not know how to open it.  Door opens.  Lee walks into the room with me, and my vision ends.  Mom was shot shortly after Tim's death.  The fire started in the girl's room, at the place where I saw the bloodstain.

In the basement, when the doors open, it feels much colder in that new room.  They hear a quiet sobbing noise in the shadows, see a creature curled in a corner, it is very thin , black eyes,  eyes are so sad and dark.  Opens its mouth and shows its many rows of sharp teeth.  It is a specter known as a lost boy.   They are created out of a child under terrible consequences most likely from neglect.  They yell "contact".  It is watching Wayne, but does not seem to be pursuing.  They often run in packs.  We back away, it melt into the shadows and we only see its eyes.  I inhabit my meat, and we get out as quickly as possible.  We head back to Orpheus.    

We are sitting in the employee lounge.  We all sleep into the next day.  All revitalizing.  The mother was shot and killed shortly after Tim's death some time last yuear, during a breakin.  I find no record of a Jenny anywhere.  No birth or death certificates, everything indicates that there was only one dhild in the family.  The fire happened about the same time as the heart attack, the day after.  Tim drowned in a freind's swimming pool, he broke in, went swimming and drowned with the body found the next day.  He was a known troublemaker.  He was drunk.   Researched for any missing children in the area named Jenny, ,   There were several female children, about that age, that were abducted.  None were ever found.  We ask Orpheus management how to handle it.  We have reported the specter,  Tim's tethers, one is the sister, one is the mother who was murdered.  There are no solid records on Virginia who died at the same time as Dad.  A woman who looked like here was involved in a similar situation in Virginia.  Her real name is Denise Walters, has been operating in a rash of abductions across the country.  She was chased by police, the children were often re-secured from abusive situations, but doing it in an illegal way.  We found Tim was legally adopted. as an infant.  We do an image search on the field.  We guess that if Daddy was turned into a specter, he could possibly be a frightener.  They don't flee or stop, like a bulldog.  We do an image search for the field.  It is somewhere in Maine.  Tim was adopted in Maine.  This was a house lot that burned down many years ago, everyone died except Tim who was rescued by firefighters and then adopted y this family.  Water heater failed.  No mention of anyone else.  Tim is a haunter.  

Bob comes along, we get a hotel room, and Bob hangs out there and watches our bodies if needed.  We all go in meat to speak to Father Gordon before speaking ;with Tim.  We head over the the homeless shelter.  Wayne goes with us projected.  Father Gordon is there, but Tim is not.  We find a quiet corner to speak to him.   The ring belonged to Tim's birth mother.

We go the abandoned building where Tim is hanging out as a safe place.  tim is sitting in a corner, looks about the same.  We are able to calm Tim and reach him a little bit.  He misses Jenny,  He just wants Jenny to be alright.  He went back to look for her but could not find her, and confronted his father, who promptly dropped dead.  The lady who helped Jenny come and live with them.  Jenny may not have been the first.  Were there more than one Jenny?  He will not leave without Jenny.  We attempt sever the strand, place the photo of the field, the ring and the birthday card in front of him.  We are projected, Father Gordon watches us, and Tim glows, he looks ups, Tim moves into the next life.  The police investigate the father.  We set up a go-fund-me account to argue the case for the homeless shelter.  We gain father Gordon as an Ally.   We confirm the father has not come back as a ghost. 


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